Piano Nanny & Vocal Foundations

What is it?

Daily (2 to 7 sessions a week) 15 minute 1-on-1 sessions that complement your weekly sessions on either piano or vocal.

Please note that these sessions are not with Peter Teodorescu. 


Why do we have these?

  • To solve the challenges we are finding that most vocal and/or piano students are having with their own daily practice
  • It’s difficult to practice yourself without guidance without being trained on how to practice and what to look for
  • To increase the effectiveness of your weekly 1-on-1 session

How do I enrol?

  1. Choose either Piano Nanny or Vocal Foundations
  2. Choose how many 15 min sessions you would like in a week for the month (From 2 to 7)
  3. Choose your preferred days and times
  4. Choose your second choice in case those slots are not available
  5. Please email me your preferrences (I will have a fancy form in the future to use)
  6. We schedule it in, send through the Zoom recurring meeting request, and it’s set up! 
  7. On your selected date and times, click on the Zoom link you received in the email (or enter the Meeting ID and Password) – and we start!

These sessions are to supplement your weekly sessions, not instead of. 


Vocal Foundations

The challenges we are solving include:

The difficulty to pinpoint your small errors and to know what to fix while you are singing them

The inability to listen to yourself during a vocal warmup so you can correct yourself

Difficulties in matching pitch

Unconscious bad posture during daily practice

Incorrect breathing

Tension when warming up which carries over to singing

Weak transition between head and chest voice

Poor confidence – it is critical that your daily practice sessions are with confidence

Not opening your mouth wide enough

Needing additional support/practice for your upcoming exam, audition, performance

Piano Nanny

The challenges we are solving include:

Children often or mostly don’t have discipline to practice the passages at a slower speed and efficiently (don’t worry – adults often do the same thing)

Children practicing for 5 minutes and saying that they have practiced

Only practicing the parts that they enjoy or are already proficient at

Skipping over the technical work

Avoiding the Scales and Arpeggios like the plague

Not feeling confident when it comes to daily practice. It takes more than a schedule to feel confident in practicing.

Needing additional support/practice for your upcoming exam, audition, performance

Don’t worry, it is natural to feel this way.. I felt the same way when I was a child. The happiness it gave me to play the passage that I knew far surpassed any joy I felt of the new things I had to learn or get better at.