Indian Independence Day 2019

Introducing the Mystic Raagg Ensemble.

Performing: Medley of Sandese Aate Hai and Vande Mataram

I am incredibly proud of them all! After only 8 rehearsals they all performed professionally at the Indian Independence Day Celebration on 18th August 2019 and were a hit! This is the first time the group have come together and performed on stage.

Our guitarists, keyboardists and violinists were all led by our youngest member of the ensemble – our 6yo conductor.
They are all amazing!

1. Full Ensemble

FULL Ensemble
FULL Ensemble – With Beat

2. Individual Parts

Individual PartsScore
Guitar (Adi)
Guitar (Aki)
Guitar (Arya)
Guitar (Reyansh)
Keyboard (Neel)
Keyboard (Nishka)
Violin (Aarnav)
Violin (Shlok)
Violin (Soham)

3. Reprise

The Reprise